Summer pants
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I'm looking for casual, stylish summer pants.

Looking for something loose, probably harem or jogger-style (loose through the leg, cuffs at bottom) or wide-leg casual pants, that I could dress up (a bit, for casual nights out) or down. They're everywhere, but these are my issues with what I'm finding:
- synthetic fabric - hate things made with tons of rayon etc - they never stop feeling strange on the skin, and suffocating
- too thin and lightweight if cotton or linen. I'm less muscular than I'd like to be right now for reasons, so would prefer just a bit of heft to the fabric, also want less wrinkling
- too much bunching around the waistband, if elastic waistband - want things flattish at the hips, just looser in the legs
- the pants I've seen all have silhouette-destroying pockets. (I am a pear. Oh yeah - also a woman fwiw, I am looking for "ladies'" pants)
- if these problems don't exist, the pants are out of my budget (I would prefer not to spend more than $80 CAD)

Right now, I'm a medium / size 6-10 US, depending on the store. Will buy online/from the US if there's no other option, but prefer places with a brick-and-mortar Canadian presence (shipping/handling is the worst, it's a hassle, and I want pants now, because it's patio time).

I can get through the summer with skirts and dresses, but I'd like at least one pair of relaxed-fit pants. Skinnies and jeans and anything tight or even fitted are not where I'm at at all at the moment.

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Well, there's Gap broken-in straight-leg cargo pants.

Get them a size up from usual, because they run small.
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I (also a woman) just picked up couple pairs of joggers from Pac Sun's mens section (Bulldog brand). I just could not accept the shitty quality I was seeing in women's joggers. (H&M, I'm looking at you.) The heavier fabric and deep pockets were big selling points. The waistbands might be a little bulky for your tastes, but check 'em out.
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Best answer: I saw a cute pair of lululemons that were as you described... Loose, great fabric, would hide lumps and bumps, cuffed... They are called the "jet crop slim trouser"
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Response by poster: On the Canadian site, they're called "jet crop *Luon" and they look great imo. They have pockets but I can see whatever Luon is making a difference.

I'll definitely try the Bulldog pants, and the Gap cargos, too.

Worse comes to worst, I might pop into the hippy stores and see if I can cope with thai fisherman pants. (Ones I've tried have been a little much in the past but they'd be ok for home and Sundays.)

Thanks so much for your recommendations - keen to hear more!

I just could not accept the shitty quality I was seeing in women's joggers.

Seriously. What the hell!
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I love prAna pants, but they're pricey and increasingly "skinny" in variety (there are a few wide-leg styles in that link). But! You could probably find some of the older, better styles on ebay.

Also, this is a pain, but if you find pants you like except for the pockets, you can stitch those suckers shut and cut off the fabric inside. Sure, you end up with fake pockets, but I'm very sympathetic when it comes to not wanting extra bulk in that area, and pockets don't have to be a reason to rule out otherwise workable pants.
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Have you tried Uniqlo? It's tricky me for to link to a product as I'm in Australia at the minute and it's a different range here because it's now winter, but I'm thinking the modal sweat pants (reasonable quality cotton mix, pretty non-bunchy at the waist) and the stretch jersey tapered pants might do the trick.
There's also a whole range of what they call 'drape pants' which are light fabric, loose cut but not harem-style, tapered trousers.
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Correction, they are Bullhead brand. Good luck!
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I just bought a pair of Old Navy Linen-Blend Pull-On Pants because they were cheap, could be worn casual or a bit dressy, and works well with all body types.

They are 55% linen, 45% rayon, but the feel and weight of the fabric is nice and as they're loose pants, won't suffocate you in the heat of summer. I think they fit your criteria well enough for you to try them out.
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Response by poster: Thanks, deadcrow! Apologies, flink - I missed the "jet crop slim trousers" (exactly the same in Canada). They look really nice too, and might fit better. Uniqlo is coming to us in 2016, AFII! (They don't ship here, last time I checked. Otherwise I'd be there now - I like some of their stuff when I have a chance to get it.) Thanks, loquat - I'm sure I'll pass by Old Navy and check those out!

I hit the Gap today, tel3path - the cargo pants were a no, unfortunately. They do have these, which hang nicely enough and may work for another pear reading, but I wasn't 100% sold on how they looked on me (maybe 70%). I suspect it'll have to be uncuffed wide-legged pants (also suspect that I'm working a bit against myself with this :/) Thanks again everyone, will be trying out your suggestions.
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Oak and Fort has a lot of nice casual trousers - some are rayon, but a few (like this pair) are cotton and/or polyester. Also: Canadian shipping and some actual locations if you live in a major city. Also they often have great sales.
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