Relaxing getaway near Tucson?
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I need a 1-3 night, relaxing getaway near Tucson, AZ. Anyone stayed in any quaint cabins or good value guest ranches/hotels/B&Bs no more than 5-6 hours from Tucson (or even somewhere within Tucson/surrounders)? I've considered everything from finding a discounted night at a fancy resort and spa to primitive camping on Forest Service land. Extra credit (but not required): pool/swimming hole/hot tub.
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Best answer: My (then) wife and I got married at and spent out 10th anniversary at the Arizona Inn (

It's an amazingly beautiful place, and very peaceful. It was a wonderful respite from Tucson itself.
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Best answer: My wife and I love the Arizona Mountain Inn near Flagstaff. We lived in Tucson for years, and really enjoyed occasionally escaping the desert heat for the mountains. They have a variety of cabins of different sizes, as well as a B&B if that's your interest. We like Cabin #5 for the hot tub. There's a good variety of things to do in Flagstaff, and you're reasonably close to Sedona and the Grand Canyon if you want to venture out.
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Best answer: I stayed in a rented house a few weekends ago that had a backyard pool, a pool table, a full kitchen, etc. Here is the link for the property on VRBO - We had a larger group of about 8, but I think the price is reasonable/good for what it is. I am sure there are other options too. This was reasonably close to where we were visiting near Ina Road, just north of Tucson proper.
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Best answer: This is a pretty broad request - you can look at Tubac, Bisbee, Jerome, Sedona, Patagonia, Silver City NM or rent a cabin in the White Mountains.

I've stayed at the Tubac Country Inn - it was very sweet. If you're staying in Tubac, you have to eat at Elvira's, so yummy.

The Tucson Weekly recently did a write-up on Bisbee.
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I guess you can narrow it down by deciding if you want wine country or mountains, rural or in a town, and go from there.

My preferences run towards little towns with shops and restaurants but you might be booking for more of a "cabin in the boonies" crowd.
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Mt. lemmon is at 8000 feet just outside Tucson, there is lodging up there. The drive up is one of the most beautiful roads in the US. On top of Mt. lemmon is an old missile silo site, near it is one of the most beautiful mountaintop meadows anywhere, Lemmon Rock overlook is there. In Tucson, on the edges is the Suguaro National Monument, a wonderful place to kick around in. Mt Lemmon is a great day excursion or destination for a night.
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I came to suggest Mt. Lemmon as well.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions, and maybe responses have petered out, but I wanted to clarify: I know all the general places (Bisbee, Tubac, Silver City, etc.) but am looking for more specific places to stay (like cabins, guest ranches, B&Bs, campgrounds) which people have enjoyed.
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Response by poster: Or any particular spots on Mt. Lemmon? I'm not crazy about the big, newer construction vacation rentals which are more common in Summerhaven. Thanks for the suggestions!
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Have you considered KOAs? My wife and I stayed at the Flagstaff KOA for 2 nights last summer on our way across the country, and it was quite nice. We took a beautiful drive through the canyon down to Sedona and Sliding Rock State Park to go swimming, then looped around and stopped at Montezuma Castle National Monument before heading back up to Flagstaff.
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The Shady Dell in Bisbee is pretty awesome.
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