Dining suggestions in Buffalo, NY
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I'm from Buffalo, but I've not been back since 2001, I will be traveling to the area to got to a wedding, and since I've been away for so long I have no idea as to what the current state of culinary affairs are in B-lo and I was always partial to Allentown, Elmwood, North Buffalo area.

However, I will also be reuniting with my sister who I haven't seen in too long of a time and we may or may not be taking our mother out with us (just depends on what she wants to do). If anyone has any suggestions for places in and around Buffalo metro area, I would greatly appreciate it! No preferences to the types of cuisine, just reassurances that it would be worth to give it a try. Essex St Pub is a give since I will have to visit there, the Old Pink and Nietzsche as well. Suggestions on where a good Beef on Weck can be procured will be massively appreciated! But, a good sit down restaurant with a semi-quiet atmosphere and a good bartender will work for the family portion.
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I went to Schwabl's in W Seneca for table service and Charlie the Butcher's in Williamsville for counter service BoW.

Roadfood also lists several excellent sweet shops ( both ice cream and candy) in the area.
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I really RILLY like the beef on weck at the Lake Effect (on Main near south campus, spitting distance from Amy's Place).
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What about Chef's? It's a Buffalo classic if you like Italian food. Buffalo has surprisingly good food of different types though -- is there a specific part of town you want to be in?

Schwabl’s is supposedly well known for its roast beef, but if you want a quick lunch, Anderson's beef on weck is good too. It's "order at a counter and wait for your number to be called" fast food, but it's local -- plus it's an ice cream place so you can sneak some dessert too.
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Best answer: Everyone I've taken to the Blue Monk has really liked it. But go early - it gets very popular, so the wait can be long and it starts to get loud as the dinner crowd finishes and the bar crowd moves in. But the food is so incredibly worth it.
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Scwhabls (nth-ing I know) but having the gentleman at the bar make a delightful old school cocktail and slicing up some beef from the steam table is just amazing. And all their food is really good too. Their surf and turf is really surprisingly good.
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When you have had your beef on Weck sandwich and crave more head on over to Seabar and have their Beef on Weck sushi roll. It has been a few years since I visited Buffalo and my mouth is still thinking about it.
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Try to find Lloyd Taco Truck. You can follow them on Twitter to get a location - their food is awesome and they were on a reality show where they won money to invest in a brick and mortar business. I don't think that's up and running yet, but their tacos are great and their a fun brand.

I'd also recommend Elmwood Taco and Subs.

You should also drive by HarborCenter to see all the changes there. Pretty amazing!
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Best answer: No beef on weck, but a few suggestions to fit your bill: Cafe 59 (Allen & Franklin) Betty's (Virginia and Edward). Blue Monk is way too loud, in my experience. Essex has delicious food now, but is quite casual, as you can imagine. A bit splurgy but neat is The Black Sheep, on Connecticut Street. On Allen Street, too, there's Duke's Bohemian Grove and Allen Street Hardware, right across from Nietzsche's. These are more bar-like.

Have fun!
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I'll second Betty's; my in-laws are in Buffalo and we often go there for brunch or lunch.
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Response by poster: I will make a map of the suggestions, they all seem awesome! Thanks for the help and keep them coming, I have a few weeks before I head to Buffalo!
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