Laundry near Los Angeles Convention Center
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I am going to a conference in Los Angeles next week, at the Convention Center downtown. I'd like to do a load of laundry before I leave. According to my hotel (Westin Bonaventure), they don't provide laundry service - only drycleaning - and the nearest place to do it is "a 15-minute drive away." What's the best way to get this done?

Ideally, I could show up at the hotel and go to the concierge and say "really?" and they'd tell me about a service they recommend where somebody picks it up and brings it back to the hotel.

Failing that...
- Is there a coin-op laundry within walking distance of the hotel (404 S. Figueroa) where I could spend a not-too-unpleasant morning doing my own wash?
- Or a wash-and-fold withing walking distance that would be OK with my somewhat picky laundry desires (no fragrance, no fabric softener, no dryer sheets)?
- Or a service you recommend that would pick up and drop off from the hotel, keeping those laundry desires in mind?
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Do a search on google maps for the hotel, then put in Laundry in the search field.
When I do that, I come up with 5 cleaners within 2 blocks of the hotel.

Selective Cleaners is the closest and offers a fluff and fold service.
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Selective cleaners also offers free pick-up and delivery, and it looks like they have various neighborhood pickups but I imagine all their drivers pass the hotel several times a day.
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Response by poster: I did the Google search. I've experienced a wide variety of quality in laundry services - particularly when asking for no fragrance - so I was hoping to take advantage of some mefite's personal knowledge.
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I'm local. When our washing machine broke down I had to drive 15 minutes to find a laundromat. Seriously. If you want to do laundry you're probably going to have to use that fluff and fold service mentioned above.
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There is also Washio, but I've never used them so I cannot vouch for them personally.
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I feel like in old times this would be something where you slip the concierge a tip and have them handle, but I have no idea if that's still the case.
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Another native staying at a hotel without a guest laundry. I checked Yelp's laundromat listings and it doesn't look like there's anything within walking distance( and it's not really a good part of town to be doing so carrying a heavy load). If you have a car, take it to a place a bit west.If you don't,I say suck it up and wash your undies in the sink.
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