Best way to find/search for Facebook and Twitter profiles
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How do I properly search for Facebook pages in such a way that I find ALL the results that I am looking for?

Let’s say I want to locate all the of the Facebook pages of pilates studios in Delaware. How do I make sure I locate all of them? If I search via Facebook, it will surely give me filtered results for what it thinks I want. Can you help me use the right search terms and/or engine?

Part 2: Let’s say I want to find the Twitter accounts for all pilates studios in Delaware that have Twitter accounts. Tips for this one?

(The specifics in this example are not actually what I am looking for - the idea is what is important.)
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Facebook has a directory-like approach, where you can start here: and get to all stores of a certain kind (e.g.: all yoga/pilates gyms in a city in Delaware: It seems to be restricted by cities so you can't choose states (I might be wrong about this). The quality of this approach depends on the quality of connections made by the page-administrators.

Twitter has an advanced search with a location-field here:

If your initial search is linked to locations your search will probably be better using Yelp or FourSquare.
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Response by poster: Thanks, KMB, that's helpful.
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