Free Website Blocker?
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Can anyone recommend a good (free) program that would let me block specific websites? Not just a filter by category such as porn etc. So far everything I find is either not useul or not free. I use a PC at home and a mac at work, so one that works for both would be ideal, but I'll take what I can get. Suggestions?
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For your home use, do you have a router? Many have built in blacklists. At work, it may depend on your IT department, if there is one.
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hosts file? Can't get much simpler than that. Just redirect everything you don't like to
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Edit your hosts file?

Windows, Mac (and Linux) share the same syntax. It's a bit manual. but it's free.
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Darn it!
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yeap, hosts file. as a start, the gorilla one is no longer updated but they recommend this mvps one. good stuff.
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Adblock extension for Firefox can block sites.
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Privoxy will work well too, and is cross platform. Putting crap in the hosts file is so low-tech. With privoxy you get to pick the blocked sites by regular expressions, you get a nice html response saying the site is blocked, and you don't have to wait for a timeout or a popup about not being able to connect to Using the hosts file for that is just barbaric in comparison.
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