Where to find Wikipedia Statistics?
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I'm looking for something like the most popular/visited pages for each month (or week, or day) since Wikipedia's debut. I found the Top 25 list which would be perfect if it wasn't for the fact that it starts only in 2013. I'd like to go back as many year as possible. I combed through the statistics department but I can't find anything usable except for a couple of "Top N" pages for a single year. Most pages or sections refer to just little samples and examples. Thanks a lot for any hints Chris
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There are two additional resources: http://stats.grok.se/ and http://dumps.wikimedia.org/other/pagecounts-raw/ First one lets you display popular pages per month (hit the "top" button) and the latter one has all the data from 2008 forward in raw format you can download and play with.

There is also: http://stats.wikimedia.org/ but I don't think it's either useful nor needed.
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The "Top" method cited by KMB is broken. No matter which month you select, you get identical results which are for 201403 according to the header. And, those results are questionable. Each listing is doubled, for one thing. And it lists a user page for one JDialo as #33/34, which I doubt is a very high-ranking Wikipedia page, unless J.Dialo was gaming the system.
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