Writing Groups in NYC?
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Looking for a writing group for someone who is about to graduate from college and move back to Manhattan in a few weeks.

He is graduating with a degree in English from a "top-notch" liberal arts college (the point here is that he is used to conforming to very high standards), and his thesis is a long piece of fiction that he would like to continue to work on and turn into a novel.

The ideal group would have (1) participants who are serious about their writing, (2) good writers, and (3) a really good leader. It would also help if at least some of the participants were in his age group.

The second part of this question is: given that he's not going to graduate school (at least not yet), would it still be better to enroll in a non-credit writing course somewhere than join a free-standing writing group? If so, what would be a good school for this and any recommended courses/teachers?

The aim here is to find structure, feedback, and a sense of community to facilitate his writing goals.

All suggestions welcome! Thank you.
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Hi! I am a writer with MFA but don't live in NYC, and I've mainly been in groups for poetry.

I would say to try both if possible. A writing course would have a professor who may be helpful in networking or writing a grad school rec, and a writers' group may have more helpful feedback. Of course mileage varies, but if one is a bust then the other can help.

I've often had spotty luck looking for groups. What has been a better fit is to get in touch with writers who might be a good feedback partner after I read their work in lit mags. If both of them are in NYC, then that would help facilitate meeting. Another thing that's been helpful is to email writers I like who are also professors and get names/contact info of former students who might be helpful.
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Check to see if the 92nd Street Y is holding workshops. And maybe he'd be interested in a summer writers' conference -- if so, look into Bread Loaf and Sweanee.
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