Need a bike for 2 weeks in NYC - rent or buy?
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I'm going to NYC June 23 to July 7 and need a bicycle for that period. Last time I rented one on Spinlister, which worked great, but still cost $250-ish. I wonder if it's worth buying a 2nd hand ride and reselling it on the last day. If so, where?

I vaguely remember a market somewhere on the Williamsburg waterfront that had a bike stall, but this was on a weekend (also 8 years ago!) and I arrive on Tuesday evening. Does anyone have recommendations for stores (I'm staying near the Williamsburg bridge, but can travel) that might both sell me a bike and buy it back within a ~ $150 margin? Or are there cheaper long term rental alternatives to Spinlister? I don't think I wanna deal with the hassle of Craigslist, I am after all on holiday.

Any suggestions welcome - including "Spinlister sounds like your best bet". (Not Citi Bike tho. I will be doing long trips, not half hour hops, on this bike.) Thank you!
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Do buy! If you can't resale it, donate it. You can order one online and have it delivered to where you are staying.
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You can order one online and have it delivered to where you are staying.

Keep it mind it's still going to have to be assembled. spikeleemajortomdickandharryconnickjrmints has a really great Bikes Direct assembly checklist. His shop charges $125 for assembly. You can do it yourself, but where are you going to get all the tools? Just something to think about.
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Best answer: B's Bikes is in Williamsburg and has a great selection of used bikes.
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(That is to say, if you do decide to buy one. I got a nice used cruiser there for $250.)
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Do you know anyone in the city? This is the sort of thing where I would put out a general call on Facebook or Twitter and see if anyone knew anyone who had a bike to spare/rent. Seems a lot easier than trying to buy/sell for just two weeks and dealing with friends and acquaintances would be simpler than Craigslist.
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Response by poster: Ha, I think I actually went to B's Bikes last time to have a screw replaced! They were indeed lovely.

I don't know anyone with a spare bike in NYC unfortunately. I don't really know many people in NYC full stop. Tho I can ask those if they know someone...

Ordering a bike for self-assembly is probably not the way I want to go.

Thanks all for your suggestions! I'll have another poke around.
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Best answer: Time's Up has a variety of cruiser bikes for sale at their repair shop in Williamsburg. Perfect for a two week purchase/rental, priced at $160-200. Note: I am citing their website, and do not have personal experience with these bikes. Time's Up Bikes for Sale
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Best answer: Try asking the same question on the Message Board of the New York Cycle Club,

You can also try the NYCC's Facebook page.
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Best answer: If the Time's Up suggestion sounds like it might work, you can also try Recycle a Bicycle. Locations in Dumbo and the East Village.
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Response by poster: Missed all these great suggestions - NYCC is a great idea actually, also just for joining rides, maybe. Thank you!
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