How to sort through job dissatisfaction?
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I've been feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with my work situation for several years, but have a hard time articulating what it is I actually don't like or what/how it could be improved. Are there any tools (self-assessments, books, anecdotes, etc.) I could use to help unpack what's bothering me and find solutions?
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I think What Color is your Parachute has a list of questions to think about when changing jobs.
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Journalling can help.

One writing exercise that I used was to write a "Glass Door" style review of my workplace/job. It was helpful in sorting through what was just temporary negative noise, actual problems, and did help me realize that my job wasn't THAT bad (although, I did realize, it could be better).
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Write down your perfect job and see where the disparities lie.

Also, items about a job that can impede happiness:
1. No room for learning, not challenging enough
2. Too challenging
3. Too much paperwork and bureaucracy

Items that can affect job enjoyment other than the actual job:
1. commute
2. Annoying co-workers
3. Unreasonable and unapproachable boss/management

Figuring out the specifics of what is bothering you may help you identify and fix the problem in your current job, or guide you toward something you are better suited for.

It seems like a lot of people are sort of unhappy with life in general (depression, perhaps) and target their frustration at their job. Thus, changing jobs may not help. Some people go from job to job because they cannot figure out what makes them happy so they cannot possibly know what job to seek. Find out what makes you happy before making any changes.
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Best answer: If You Knew Who You Were You Could Be Who You Are was designed precisely for people who are vaguely dissatisfied with their careers and unsure why and how to make it better. It is a broad-based self-assessment guide that also helps you figure out what it all means and what to do next.
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