Should I return or exchange my new shoes? Difficulty level:High Arches
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I bought these in a 12.5, and while I love how they look there's no way I can keep them as currently sized. My arch is too high and it messes up how the tongue looks. If I bump up to a 13 will that solve my problem or will I just end up returning those as well?

I took advantage of the deal that they just had and ordered a new pair of shoes. While I love how they look I can't wear them as currently sized. I have high arches so always order up though my actual foot length tends to actually measure to an 11.5 or 12. I'm afraid of going over 13 as that tends to make me hard on the toe.

I'm really curious if going to 13 I'm still going to run into the arch problem. I'd hate to have them exchanged only to find out that I'm just going to have to return them anyways. While I do need a new pair of shoes I need a new pair of shoes that fit.
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I have high arches and I am having trouble understanding how your high arches would affect the tongue of the shoe or force you to order up. (I am a lady, so maybe this is a man problem.) Is an arch support insole a possible solution? I used to use them for running because I would get arch pain, but maybe that could help here?
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Is there any way to get sized at a local Allen Edmonds store or a Nordstrom? The McAllister is on the 65 last, so any other 65 last shoes should be sized similarly (the Park Ave, for example).
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I too am confused by the question. Are you sure you mean arch the space - or lack of it - beneath you foot, and not the instep - the top of the foot?
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Response by poster: Here perhaps this will help. The left side of the shoe is too tight over my arch to cover the tongue. It's also tight and uncomfortable.
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Ok, those are just too small. The 13s are likely to be too large. I think this particular shoe is not for you, sorry. (Return, I think.)
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Would a wider shoe help?
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That looks like a wider shoe could help, but that particular style where the two sides lace up very close together high on the throat of the shoe - that's really difficult for high arches and insteps, in my experience of both. It's sad, sad, sad. An AE store will be able to fit you for the last, though, and maybe advise you. (I have feet like yours - watch out for the Leeds at AE, no version of it fits me.) I surmise that the Rogue or the Larchmont might work a bit better.
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I have this issue. A larger size almost never helps, as insteps don't get much bigger between sizes. I never try to buy shoes like that for this reason.
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It looks like the trouble might be the way the upper is stitched, with the two halves meeting at the bottom (towards your toes). One of the wingtip styles without that mid-upper decoration, and the more open lace format, would probably fit you better. Might also want to ask about something built on a wider last while you're at it, too.

Anyway, these all have the wider lace style and are (basically) Oxford wingtips:

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It looks like the trouble might be the way the upper is stitched, with the two halves meeting at the bottom (towards your toes).

The throat line is the part of the shoe I'm referring to here.
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I was going to say that they can be stretched bigger across the instep, but then I saw your second picture and, well you might get them to fit but the tongue thing would probably still look wrong.

Anyway, stretching: most shoe repair places can do it, and some retail shops. It's just a mechanical device that takes a minute. I've had it done. Leather only, I think.

But ooboy, seeing that picture doesn't make me feel optimistic, especially with the tongue thing. As someone with high insteps myself, entire categories of shoes are completely out of the question for me: loafers, many boots, shoes with few eyelets. But- ask a shoe repair guy!
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Its your instep not your arches that are high (you might also have high arches but that's not the problem here).

Looking at your photo, I don't think going up half a size is going to help at all, especially as its obvious the shoe is already a little long for you. Your foot looks too wide as well as too tall for the shoe.

I'm sorry but I just don't think your feet are ever going to look good in that shoe.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, I'm returning them and finding something else instead.
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