Portable swing for a kid
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Things are returning to normal in the Panda household, and it's time to get out and play! Specifically I'd like a swing that can be installed temporarily on a nearby tree and removed when it's time to go home. Advice from all directions is welcome: swing seats, rope, hardware, knots, or anything else tangentially related. This will primarily be used by a 4 year old, but ideas that would work for an 18 month old are good too.

There's an empty lot nearby where a lot of neighbor kids play. There's a tiny little cluster of trees, and various people have nailed boards to trees for climbing purposes, installed a shoddy homemade zipline, etc. There's a tree branch that looks like it would be good for a swing. I don't necessarily want to put one up that will stay up all the time, but it would probably be ok to have some kind of permanent mount. I don't want a setup that's likely to injure the tree, because it's not mine. Also, the branch I have in mind is not way out of reach but it'd be hard for me to get to face level with it. I envision something hanging down from the branch, and we'd bring a swing seat attached to a carabiner, attach it, play, and take it home. As a bonus, then we might be able to have a couple of different kinds of swing seats. I have a disc swing in mind because it's easy, but am open to other suggestions.

Or if you have personal experience with a standalone swing frame that's SUPER EASY to put up and take down, I'd like to hear about it. Or ideas for making a swing fully portable - that'd be cool too. Or how to make a swing with an adjustable-length rope (so you could, e.g. stand on the disc or sit on it) Assume I know little of ropes, knots, carabiners, et cetera - walk me through this like I'm simple.
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Would you be allowed to leave well-secured rope or chain around the branch when you're not there?

If so, you might be able to design the top of the swing similar to this but with a strong carabiner connecting it.

I don't have specific ideas for seats, but googling "camping swing" or "hammock chair" could give you ideas about how to affix it at the top, at least.
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I searched "swing for tree" in Amazon and a lot of options that seem useful in terms of gear came up. I personally have bought the Step2 and Little Tikes infant-to-toddler swings and they are both really light so if you want to carry those around.
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A simple disc swing is what we use, and our two kids love it. They actually prefer it to a normal swing because they can face the trunk and push off with their feet to keep it going.

The Hearthsong Catalog has some intriguing-looking bungee swings.
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