Help me buy a hat
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I'm looking for a stylish hat with good coverage. I'm not normally a hat-wearer, but I've been spending a lot of time outside and want to keep my face out of the sun. I'm looking for more coverage than one of these straw fedoras but not a big, floppy beach hat.

This is for walking around in the city, so no sports/hiking hats. Ideally, I won't spend more than $50. Where can I get a hat that fits this description? Is there something other than "sun hat" I can put into google for better results?
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Best answer: How about a panama hat? They can look stylish.
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Tilley Endurables may have something you like. Their quality is top-notch.
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I have a huge dome, so I tend to buy men's hats for this--I've had good luck at my farmer's supply store. It looks like you can get something similar to what I have by searching terms like breezer hat or even just "straw farming hat" in google. That will generally get you a wider brim than a fedora; I think this is the one I have, and it provides good shade (and good visibility) and IMO still looks feminine.
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Kangol has some nice summer hats. I like the bamboo ones personally because they're lightweight and allow for airflow.
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What about the Straw Mesa hat from Madewell? I've had good luck with their accessories before and I particularly like the navy/black one (but I bet the natural colored one would look just as good and be a lot cooler temperature-wise.)
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Best answer: Also, I agree with phunniemee - panama hats are great too! Here are some low-to-moderate cost options: one, two

Asos seems to have some hats they call 'wide brimmed fedoras' - maybe one of those would work? Asos has lots of hats in your price range.
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I really like Goorin Bros..
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one of these straw fedoras

That's not a fedora. It's a trilby.
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Best answer: I'm a hat-wearer. My two favorite sun hats are this one from Panama Jack and this one from prAna (in a discontinued colorway, but it's the same hat.) I ordered both of them from Sierra Trading Post, but I have a lot of experience with hats and I know my size. Since you're new to hat shopping, I suggest you stop by an outdoor retailer like REI or OMC Gear to try some hats on.
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Rancho Market has a big hat stand for the start of spring out doors, and IFA did too.
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