Name my animation-focused non-profit
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Hello everybody! I am starting an independent animation-focused non-profit. Our mission statement is 'a not for profit organization that supports independent, non-commerical animated film through education, grants, and distribution.' And we need a name!

The subtitle of the name could be 'Independent Animation Society' or 'Society for Independent Animation'. But we're still looking for a main name. The name could evoke:

1. independent, non-commercial animation, as opposed to studio animation or animation for hire.
2. experimental/creativity
3. community
4. supporting/raising up/spreading

But most importantly it needs to be a short, snappy name that is easy and fun to say. Some options we've come up with so far, in case examples are helpful:
Kinetic, Optic Frame, Optic Verge, Fresh Eye, Match Box (I think I liked the idea of many things making up a bigger thing, because it implied community)

Any other ideas?
Thank you!
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24 Friends Per Second.
Persistence of Vision.
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Paints & Pixels.
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Lift & Move
Fresh Ink
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I suggest some version of Iris, the Greek goddess of hope. Perhaps an alternate spelling, or an inclusion of Hermes and Iris together.
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Public Pixel Network
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Moving Aspirations?
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Pixel Pickup
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Optic Populi
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Outer Frame
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Cell Theory
Common Frame
Moving Labs
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Start Motion / Independent Animation Society
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