Recommend to me similar poppy bands...
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a friend recently turned me on to bleachers and the drums (totally new to me, i'm a punk kid) and i am in LOVE. who else should i check out?
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You might like Yacht (here's their Shangri La La La La La album) if the new wave-y tones are what attracts you to the Drums. Heck, maybe even Echoes-era the Rapture. If those work for you, poke around DFA Records' artists for more exploratory goodness.
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Check out Palma Violets! Best of Friends is my favorite from them.
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off the top of my head (i went through this indie pop phase a couple years ago haha):

- best coast
- surfer blood
- darwin deez
- the vaccines
- vampire weekend
- black kids
- the virgins
- chairlift
- dum dum girls
- girls
- wavves
- real estate
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Tiny Victories!
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