booking sex-related work as a woman
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How does one navigate sex work or sexological bodywork as a female client in the United States?

I am a queer woman currently in the Bay Area who is looking at potentially being a client of sex work for some specific reasons.

My main options are more towards sensual massage, and possibly tantra (or something similarly woo), though I am also open to escorts and other means. I'm also looking at sexological bodywork, which I understand tends to be more therapeutic and a little more clinical, and I'm looking at things that are more somatic or body-based (I already have a talk-therapist). I definitely want to work with another woman, or a gender minority.

I have booked sex work in the past, in a country where sex work is more legal and/or regulated, and thus it was a little easier to do research. I'm not entirely sure what the legalities are like in this part of the US, nor how people would go about it especially if they are an unconventional client.

Are there specific sites that cater to queer women clients? Is there a way I could post what my specific request is, and have people recommend practitioners? What options are out there?

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Thanks so much!
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I don't have an answer for you, but if anyone does, it's San Francisco Sex Information aka SFSI. You can call or email them, but I recommend emailing for a better chance of having your question seen by someone more likely to be able to help you. All their volunteers are well-trained and knowledgeable, but some have more knowledge/experience/expertise in some areas than others.

They will probably not be able to recommend specific practitioners (at least not for explicit sex work, as that can be considered pandering which is illegal), but they might be able to point you in the right direction.
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You might also want to check out this directory of sexological bodywork practitioners and see if any of them look like what you're looking for. It's probably worth calling some of them to talk about what you're looking for.
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I can suggest a friend of mine. Here's his website. I haven't used his services, but have known him for years (decades, actually) and would happily recommend him to a friend asking about something like this. If he's not the right fit for you, I'm sure he can recommend someone who is.
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