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I have a friend that is in NYC central bookings. Details are limited. All I know is this morning ~2AM my friend was in a car accident and arrested for DWI. I had a past DWI in my youth and know that a lawyer is very helpful and also that one needs to deny any wrong doing for the entire time. But I don't know how to get this kind of help to my friend. Basically just looking for the correct things to do in the early going.

So the details are above.
I have called central booking and they inform me that my friend will be in front of the judge this afternoon. I just want to be able to help my friend mitigate any further troubles.

Should I contact a lawyer? Where should I look to get a lawyer? Is there any information I should know to help further? Am I being too concerned and should just let this adult deal with the problem they created?

Thank you Metafilter
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Am I being too concerned and should just let this adult deal with the problem they created?

yep. And if your friend really was driving drunk, then this might be the wake-up call that they need not to do it again. It's their problem to deal with.
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Where in NYC?

And I absolutely disagree with anyone who says you should abandon your friend. He may have made a mistake, maybe a very serious one. He may also be totally innocent. Either way, he's going to need the support of people who love him to get through it.
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The bottom line is that the most helpful thing you can do is to show up at arraignments (in court), make sure that the defense attorneys staffing arraignments know who you're there for, and be prepared to help pay bail (or help him make arrangements to pay his own bail) if necessary. I have limited experience observing proceedings in parts of NYC, but my understanding is that your friend will have representation provided for him at arraignments, and then after arraignments, he will keep that attorney if he is indigent, and if not, he'll have to find his own attorney, but he'll be in a better position to do that if he gets out. If my limited experience holds true for wherever your friend is, you will not be able to talk to him until he is released, but you may be able to talk to the attorney who will stand up with him at arraignments. But even just being there can help, because it shows the judge that your friend has "community ties," which is one of the things they consider in deciding whether or how much bail to require.

Your instinct to help is laudable, and I wish all the best for you and your friend. Message me if you want to.
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(I know you didn't specify gender. I picked one at random because I got lazy and didn't want to keep typing out "your friend" over and over again.)
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And do not give your friend any legal advice at any point in the process. "You should deny any wrong doing" is legal advice, so do not tell your friend that. Tell your friend to listen to his lawyer and do exactly what his lawyer says.
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decathecting is right. You don't "deny wrongdoing"; rather, you say not one word to the police except to identify yourself, full stop. Not one word: not "I didn't do it," not "I can explain" -- nothing. Complete silence. If your friend has to tell a story, let him tell his lawyer.
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Probably getting bailed out, so as to avoid spending the weekend on Riker's Island, is the help I'd be most grateful for, if it were me. So maybe call some bail bondsmen, if they have them in NYC, and talk to them about what they'll need in order to spring someone. (When I did it, they wanted the 10% from someone with a job better than being a waiter, for example).
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I addition to identifying yourself, you will also have to consent to or refuse a chemical test.
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Information about how to find an attorney is available at the MeFi Wiki Get a lawyer page, which includes links to previous AskMes about criminal law that may be helpful for general information and developing additional questions for an attorney.

You may also want to contact the NYC Bar lawyer referral service - "Initial consultations are $35 or free, depending on the type of case, and last up to 30 minutes."
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preventative care is the remedy in cases like this. BEFORE being picked up by the police (for anything) one should know that one should remain completely silent through all stages of arrest, booking, jailing, except for the bare rudiments of identification. Thousands and thousands of people are doing time because the wrong word slipped. Get bailed as soon as possible. Good luck.
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