Simple iOS app for the gym?
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Looking for a current recommendation to keep track of weight lifted, reps, and to maybe time the intervals...

I am starting to work out at a gym, using machines and the free weights later. I want to find a good, simple app where I can have or add the names of machines or exercises, reps and weights, maybe a note, and have a timer run during the reps or at least in between (though the timer is not critical). I've not found any recent on-point threads on here, and generally I find sales jobs or apps that haven't been maintained and crash, etc., when I search the net. So, can you recommend a good app for me? I'd rather not have to carry a clip board to the gym... Thanks!
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I use and love Strong. Its default exercises are mostly free weights, but you can add machines, too. It has a timer, if you need a simple one. It's free for the basic version; the full version's a couple bucks.
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+1 for Strong.
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My Fitness Pal does that, except it doesn't have the timer.
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I use Full fitness, it tracks the exercises and has a built in timer
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