Guys need help in love, too.
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Is there a book for heterosexual guys similiar to She's Not Into You and other similar books for chicks?
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I believe the book you're thinking of is called "He's Just Not That Into You".
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I'm not familiar with the book you mention... could you specify what sort of information/content you're looking for?

If it's relationship advice for guys, I find a lot of the stereotypical stuff is actually quite valuable. David Grey (Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus) and Dr. Phil aren't exactly high on my regular reading list, but I've had parents and friends who've owned their relationship tomes, and what I've skimmed always seemed well-presented and helpful.
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No. Only women are desperate and stupid enough to need to be told when to back off.


In all seriousness, such advice usually focuses on women because we're supposed to be the ones who are concerned with relationship issues in the first place. Yes, this is a silly and damaging stereotype. Maybe if men had a better sense of when "she's not into you," we'd have fewer incidences of sexual harassment and date rape. So good for you for asking!

Anyway, this thread has some advice about general relationship books -- you might find it helpful. My personal belief is that Gray and Dr. Phil recycle tired, insulting stereotypes that work to divide the genders instead of uniting them. But I haven't studied them terribly closely, and if you and/or your partner are fairly true to gender type (and there's nothing wrong with that), you might find them more insightful.
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Ah! Just noticed that the poster is female. Perhaps you can give the guy in question some pointers instead? Or perhaps the point was to find an author to do it for you?
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Practice, practice, practice.
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Don't know about books, but has a decent selection of articles in its dating section, including an archive of articles on Dating: A Woman's Point of View. Seems similar in tone to the Sex and the City style of He's Just Not That Into You.
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My bad, I meant He's Not That Into You; it's sort of like self-help for girls. It's sort of going to be a hint towards a friend's ex boyfriend who keeps on hanging around. (And since we both work in a bookstore, we'd get a big discount on a book if we can find one that covers the topic.)
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