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A few years ago, I saw someone walking around in a shirt with the Harvard seal on it, except that the "VE RI TAS" part had been replaced with "BUR RI TOS." I would very much like to purchase this shirt or one like it, but can't find it online. Any leads?
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Best answer: They were sold in about 2005-2006 by Felipe's Taqueria in Harvard Square (whose logo is on the back, if you didn't notice), then located in the Garage opposite of Pinnocchio's pizza. The taqueria is now in the little shopping center closer to Brattle Square, BUT they were told to stop selling the shirts years ago by a somewhat aggressive educational institution concerned about its trademark. There was a time when they had a cache of extra shirts that you could beg the counter guy to sell you one of (ask me how I know), but it's quite likely they're gone now.
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Best answer: Try the DIY route. It should be fairly easy to photoshop a high resolution version of the logo and then either use an ink jet printer and store bought t-shirt transfers to create a transfer. Finding an ink jet printer would be the hardest part. However an alternative is to find a place that makes custom t-shirt transfers and bring your design to them via a drop box utility on line or on a data stick. You might want to purchase a blank t-shirt in Harvard colours.

Where I live there is a t-shirt shop that will do this for you for fifteen dollars with a print ready image and a purchased t-shirt. Unfortunately they don't ship. They might also do the re-touch for you for another fee.

Way back in the seventies when my sister was going to Harvard and us younger ones were dropping out of middle school we got my sister to pick up Harvard logo school supplies at the Co-op and then carefully adjusted them so that they said Va- Ni-Tas. It helped to bewilder our already hopelessly bewildered teachers.
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...I came here from the podcast MeTa because I couldn't figure out what the Burlington, Rhode Island Terms of Service would be because I am very very smart.
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