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What's the best way for me to load a bunch of phone numbers into my Motorola RAZR phone (Cingular edition) via Bluetooth?

I have a big list of phone numbers in a text file. I can write Python scripts to modify data. What I need is a program to do the import. On my old Ericsson phone I hacked it via the Bluetooth serial interface, but I'd rather not do that much work again. Is there a good simple Windows or Mac program that can import a contact list from a simple file and then sync it to the RAZR?
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With a little tweaking you should be able to import the address list into Address Book on your mac. Then with iSync, you should be able to sync your list to your phone just fine. You might need to Google around a bit for applescripts or applicaitons to help with the import to Address Book, but it shouldn't be that hard to do.

Lemme know if you find a way to have the RAZR show more than one phone number per name in the phone's address book though, that sure is infuriating.
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pwb503: Address Book -> menu button -> Setup -> View -> All Contacts (rather than Primary Contacts)
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To show more than one number per contact, you need to have the contacts saved to the phone, not the sim card. Then, in the phonebook setup, view primary contacts.
One possibility for the original poster is to use Mobile Phonetools by Motorola. MPT lets you export contacts from outlook to your phone and it also creates and restores backups of your phonebook.
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It's "View -> All Contacts", "Primary Contacts" is the show-only-one mode.
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BVRP makes MPT. My experience is that it is somewhat buggy software, but it will eventually do what you want in a manner easier (and safer) than hacking the phone.
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