Mom wants to keep her independence and you can help!
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The fabulous Momquat lives alone and has requested a health monitor service of the "help, I've fallen..." variety to give her some peace of mind. She doesn't need assisted living or a roommate, just the ability to summon help in the rare emergency. Help me select a good system, taking into account her snowflakes.

-She is not particulularly tech savvy, so easy set-up would be great (I won't be seeing her for 5 weeks and would like it functional before then).
-The help button needs to be waterproof.
-Doesn't require a landline but needs to be a major cellular carrier as she lives in a small town in the Midwest.
-Fall alert would be nice, but not mandatory.

Tell me about good monitoring systems and your experiences.

TIA, MeFites!
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My grandma has Great Call, which I believe is sold through Walmart. She likes it a lot. She wears it everywhere (not sure on the waterproof thing; Gram hangs hers on a hook within arm's reach of the floor of her shower while she's in there) and has used it several times where they've dispatched emergency services, thankfully for nothing serious.

She's hit the button accidentally a few times, too, and the people answer immediately (just talk to her through the thingy, she doesn't have to do anything) and have been friendly and helpful.

The device itself feels pretty chincy to me, but my grandma is very happy with it.
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Cuff is waterproof (and fashionable!), but does not alert authorities. Instead, it would alert a list of people. From their FAQ:
The Cuff app will alert the people you designate as your "first responders" when you need help. You can program one person or your entire Facebook network as your "first responders." Cuff will send your SOS to the people you choose, and it will not stop until someone responds. Your designated people will receive your location, live audio, and other relevant information to get you (or your loved one) the help you need.
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I got a Great Call device for my a few years ago so I could comfortably leave town to care for another relative. the setup was easy on the PC, but I believe you can also call to set up your account with a service representative.

They've introduced a new waterproof device recently. I plan on getting that as soon as have a little extra cash on hand.

My reason for choosing this over other devices is that it does work on the t-mobile cellular network, meaning my mother can take it with her when she goes on walks, shopping, and even took it with her to visit my sister out of town.
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Thanks all! Due to her snowflakes, it looks like GreatCall (Splash) is the winner.
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