When did this SNL clip air?
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In a research project I'm working on, I'll be citing this (pretty funny) clip of Chris Rock doing commentary on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. But I'm having a hell of a time figuring out the air date, especially since it's just part of Weekend Update and not a named skit. The presence of Rock and Kevin Nealon narrows it down a little, but not nearly as precisely as I need. Hoping that the hive mind knows of some advanced SNL-dating techniques that are beyond me.
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You can search their archive.
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Best answer: http://snltranscripts.jt.org/92/92aupdate.phtml

September 26, 1992 according to Wikipedia.
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Response by poster: Maaaan, it looks like that archive almost gets me there. I can find out which episodes had Rock appearing on Weekend Update, but not what he did. Still, that narrows it down to a manageable number of episodes to brute-force it through. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Oh, holy shit, perfect. Thanks!
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Chris looks very young. And he has a flat top. This has got to be when he was a cast member. Although you can watch a bit of each episode where he was guest star to confirm. According to wikipedia, he was a cast member from 90 - 93 and Nealon states that it is the premier episode, so that narrows it down to three. Unless they were going out of their way to introduce new cast on the premier episode, which is possible but not very likely, I am guessing this is the first show of the 1993 season.
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