I'm looking for a bare bones R2D2
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Please help me find a system to prototype my wireless robotic ideas.

I'm looking for a system very much like the SPIF robot. I'm looking for a processing board that supports PCMIA and USB connections, an operating system that supports a wide variety of drivers, as well as easy to configure (i.e. Linux, but maybe some flavor of Windows might work as well). Bonus if the main board is pre-connected to a motorized chassis. Oh, and it should be able to run off battery. Ideally it should have a connector for additional power supplies (i.e. solar). Some of the things I'll be playing around with are cameras and remote control where the link is weak/lossy, as well as playing around with various wireless technologies. I'm less interested in the robot being autonomous, but if that comes along for the ride I'm fine.
I know these things exist, since the SPIF robot is exactly what I'm looking for. Does anyone know if anything like that is commercially available?
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