If the sand worms from Dune and the worms from Tremors had a baby....
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What the actual hell is this thing? Is it some kind of grub?

I've googled a little bit and I think (?) I've ruled out beetle grubs. To be honest, googling random phrases for images, or checking a site like What's That Bug trigger all of my insect-o-phobias. I mean...What's That Bug is awesome but damn, you have to look at sooooo many pics of things. All the things. So please be specific if possible so I can zero in on more info about this thing without looking at too many photos. WHAT IS IT?!

We found several of these under the ground. Yep, they were waiting to rise up and kill us. They were feeding on the roots of a rhododendron, and also a butterfly bush. They killed both plants. This one I photographed is dead, and so is a bit...deflated. They are two + inches long. Juicy. Thick. Delicious to robins, who now love us a lot. These monsters are killing our plants. He who controls the plants controls the universe.
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It looks like a slightly dehydrated meal worm. They are edible. Live long and prosper.
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Best answer: Rhododendron Borer larvae?
is there damage to the plant besides the roots that the adults could be causing?

that's one sad-looking, deflated caterpillar
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Best answer: Seconding the borer larva. It looks like any number of insect larvae - cicadas, especially, but those don't tend to cause much in the way of damage. They play something of a long game.

Let the birds have the Little Makers.
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Best answer: Yes, that's a borer larva. Borers have a very distinctive body structure.
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Response by poster: You guys rock. Thank you. This makes me feel so much better. I have to stop them from killing my plants, however.

blueberrypuffin, sad to say we threw the plants away, I should have examined for more damage.
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