Therapy in Somerville/Cambridge
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Can you recommend a good therapist in the Somerville/Cambridge area? Near Union Square or Harvard Square a bonus.

I've found some older threads, but I don't know if the information is still useful years later. Also, I haven't asked a question in years, so I figured I might as well use one now.

I've been thinking of going back to therapy for a while, but haven't acted on it. Recent events have left me feeling very unsure and alone, and I know I need to work through this with someone.

My current issues are work and relationship trouble, combined with being very new to the area and being very unsure of what I want to (or can) do for the future. If this kind of description helps any, I'm often quiet, thoughtful, and withdrawn. I work in the technology field, as a programmer. I tend to think through problems and consider many angles, but sometimes this leads me into thinking the problem is bigger than it is, too big to tackle.

I don't think I have a preference for any particular framework. I think I would prefer to see a woman (though my last therapist ā€” years and cities ago ā€” was male, and very helpful). My insurance is Anthem (BlueCross).
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I used to see a terrific therapist near Porter Square. I've sent you a memail with more specifics.
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Sent you a memail.
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I'd like the mail too. Specifically for someone who is familiar with OCD / intrusive thoughts.
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Also threw a memail your way and puckish's.
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I want to thank everyone who sent me something. Earlier today I had my first session, and I'm feeling hope for the future.
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