Long plastic tray for window planters?
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I'm building shelves inside a window frame for small plants. I want to put a long narrow plastic tray (32" x 4") on each shelf to catch the runoff from the plants. I've searched the internet and the closest thing is something from Alibaba but the shipping is prohibitive. Do you know of something like this? Or, any DIY advice? I'm pretty handy..
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Can you make them out of light wood and spray the inside with a waterproof covering?
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i'm unfamiliar w waterproof covering... like poly?
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perhaps some flatware organizers for kitchen drawers could be combined/repurposed to get the desired length?
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I think most standard gutters are 4.5" deep, you can probably bend the aluminum stuff if that half inch is prohibitive.

It's very popular on Pinterest and DIY home design blogs/magazines.
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Something like this.
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See if a local hvac place can form up some out of sheet metal (like is used for ductwork. That's what my Mom did years ago for a similar situation. Ask also about mastic that's used to seal ducts from air leaks or line it with heavy plastic that you can get from hardware stores.-
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I used various combinations of the words flower box drip tray long rectangular and came up with some likely choices:
Here and Here
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I think if you haven't built the shelves for the windows yet you'd be better served to make them a little deeper than 4". Gives you more room for bigger pot sizes, and obviously gives you some options in trays. I was going to give you a link to CathyG's second choice; it's six inches wide, however. I guess it depends on your design!
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This is 6 inches wide and only half as long as you'd like, but two would be just about right, and it's cheap (and cute). It comes in a few colors.
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Aha! Those were what I was looking for but I didn't know the right keywords. Thanks so much!
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