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What is currently state of the art/best practice/best tool for a tip jar type mechanism for a blog?

I am one of the volunteer editors for a blog that posts daily news for our fairly large regional hobbyist community. For the past two years, the founding editor has been paying the cost out of pocket, but we've had to upgrade hosting to keep up with traffic and would like to run a small day of giving online event to try and defer costs.

From a legal standpoint, the blog has no status. We're all volunteers, not a nonprofit. We don't want to deal with bitcoin (which seems to be the focus of many micro transaction tools these days). We're trying to raise about $400 total (which is totally doable). We are aware of the tax implications. We would like to minimize fees, while also not falling into the "Paypal locked up all our money for eleventy weeks while they think it over" trap.

What tool should we be using?
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Most websites I follow seem to use Patreon nowadays. It lets people donate as a one-time thing or as a recurring donation, plus your fans can use whatever method of payment they want, so you don't have to pick a certain one like Paypal.
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Response by poster: Patreon looks very cool, but we are not really "creators" - we're a site that posts news about a hobby community (Next Saturday the Vermont chapter is holding an event, Last Saturday the following people won the widget competition, that sort of thing.)
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Paypal is probably still your best bet, then. It's what Metafilter uses.
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if it's a onetime 'day of giving', then perhaps Indiegogo or GoFundMe? (I don't know what the fees are).
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Patreon, even if you're not "creators". Simply promise "we'll have weekly updates until end of the year if you all pledge this much", and if you pledge THIS much we'll add original articles...
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