Movie identification: sheep balloons?
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What movie did I see in school in the late 80's that featured sheep being punctured with a huge needle-ish poker thing to save the sheep by releasing internal gas resulting from grazing on the wrong kind of grass? And does all that really happen?
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Could it have been All Creatures Great and Small? I can't find an episode where he might have punctured a sheep's rumen, but it seems like there should be...

And yes, it really does happen. Especially if your sheep are hungry and just wolf down a bunch of legumes or clover. It's called pasture bloat, and fortunately doesn't usually end up with a punctured sheep.
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Really happens, I've done it to cows. The tool's a sharp stabby bit with a wooden handle, over which slips a metal tube with a flared end. Stab goes the tool, pull it out, leave the tube behind.

Depending on the cow it may never trust you again.
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The procedure is called a rumenotomy. Read all about it here.
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Best answer: "Far from the Madding Crowd."
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More specifically, the 1967 version starring Alan Bates and Julie Christie.
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Response by poster: I think you're right, buxtonbluecat. I was researching that angle, too, once learning the terminology.
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Response by poster: Boom.
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