Syncing an iphone to a new computer when the old one is dead
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My old computer died. How do I sync my iPhone to a new computer without losing all of my new photos and videos?

My old computer died and you all helped me figure out how to obtain my data from cloud backup. It took me a long time to get it and I now have many photos and videos on my new phone that I do not want to lose. When I tried to sync my iPhone to a new computer I was told that it would wipe my iPhone because the account is still associated with my old computer. Is there a way for me to save my pictures and videos and other data? This may be a basic problem, but my googlefu has failed me - thank you so much!
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Can you activate iCloud and Photo Stream and upload all your media and iCloud backup over WiFi? You might have to purchase a small amount of space.
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I always just transfer everything over manually outside of iTunes before syncing to a new computer, and then copy stuff back over to my phone afterward, if necessary. Not the most efficient proposition, but it works. Even if you go the above iCloud route, which also should work, it would be good to back the photos up first, just in case.

What operating system does your computer have? On a Mac, you can use the Image Capture app to transfer photos and videos to your computer over USB; just plug your phone in and open the app (you may have to unlock the phone), and the pictures should show up and you can import them. On Windows, you can just plug it in and either use Explorer (instructions) or the Import photos option (instructions).
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Get a Dropbox account (it's free). Here are the instructions - - How do I use Camera Upload?
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from cloud backup
Is all of your data still in the crashplan backup?

Is there a way for me to save my pictures and videos and other data?
Flickr is free and will sync all of the pictures on your phone if you tell it to. I believe there is a setting so it will only use data when on wifi and that it can do video as well. There are surely other apps that will do the same thing.
What other types of data do you have?
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Response by poster: Thank you all. These are great/simple answers. I have new twins at home so the past few months have been a blur and simple things become incredibly complicated! I appreciate all of you!
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Response by poster: Oh and I apologize, I missed a question - I have video/photos, music and apps.
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Response by poster: Just want to circle back before closing this thread. I went the Dropbox route and it worked beautifully. I am so appreciative of your support!
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