Six Feet Under Season Five DVD
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When will Six Feet Under Season Five come out on DVD?

My wife and I don't get HBO, but we've watched all of Six Feet Under on DVD via Netflix. All but Season Five, of course. I am hesitant to look too thoroughly for this information, as I don't want to encounter any spoilers.

Would someone mind a more intensive googling to find a release date? Please avoid discussing plot points. Thanks!
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I just did a quick look for you. Season Three was just released this May and Season Five is still playing in active rotation on HBO, so it may be a while. I wasn't able to locate a release date for ya.
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shaneflyer, you are smart! I went looking for the same info and hit spoilers and nearly killed myself....
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Season 4 was released a few months ago, maybe not such a long time to wait for season 5...
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shaneflyer, I am in the exact same boat as you and it is excrutiating to wait. I did the same thing with Deadwood, but at least Season 2 should be coming out in the next couple of months.
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The fourth season was released on August 23.

I would expect to see the fifth season released within a year, probably before next summer. HBO has been quicker about releasing DVDs since they began offering both new episodes and reruns via on-demand. Also, Six Feet Under is now finished, so it's not like they can use reruns to build interest in a new season. The final Sex in the City DVD set was released shortly after its original airing, so I doubt you'll have to wait too long.
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Well, since you are going to probably rent (or buy) it anyways.... Are you against downloading it? I have a lot of friends that download off bittorrent because they can watch things in high-def without having a high-def TV and normally end up buying the DVD's anyways... I'll wait to post info about how to do it in case it is not proper to do so here-- anyone know if its bad to post info about bittorrent here??
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Yes, it's bad. Don't do it.
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I was afraid of hitting spoilers at some point so downloaded a torrent. I'll buy the set anyway when it comes out but I didn't want it ruined for me in the meantime. You might want to do the same.
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There are several people selling six feet under season five complete on ebay, but I doubt these are legal.

Here's a current search for "Six Feet under season 5"

However, if you were going to break the law anyway, just use Usenet or Bittorrent, rather than letting these people do it for profit.
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They don't seem to have any Season Five news posted as yet, but you might want to consider monitoring TVShowsOnDVD on a periodic basis to see if it shows up.
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I, for one was very sad knowing 6 ft under is officially over. I think they coulda got a good 10 yrs of stories. If something like Friends got 10 yrs, then why not 6 ft under which was so much more creative, compelling and beautiful compared to a lame sitcom.
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I'm already completely spoiled about season 5 from reading recaps, but I still need to see it. I've searched everywhere, but as far as I can tell there is no release date yet for season 5. Not even a rumoured release date.
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I see the postings are a month old here, but just in case: March 28, 2005 according to Netflix.
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