Awesome Spice Rubs for Grilling Meat and Veggies
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Where do i find small batch handcrafted spicerubs to send as a gift.

I have a friend that loves to bbq and wanted to give him a selection of spice rubs that he can use for the summer. He loves spicy food and is a grill master.
Thanks in advance
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The Spice House!
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I have several flavors of hand-made Urban Sproule sea salts, and they are a fantastic garnish/rub. Celery and Thai Chili are my favorites, but I'll be damned if Peach Habanero doesn't sound utterly delectable as a steak rub.
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I am a huge fan of Gneiss Spice.
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I've found some good packaged spice rubs at World Market/Cost Plus.
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Jer's Rubs are well spoken of.
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Volcano Spice Company is based in Hawaii. I have their 'original' flavor: Sweet paprika with natural herbs and spice create a Lively Cajun Style seasoning rub for chicken, steak, fish or pork pan seared, BBQ'd, baked or broiled. Great for seafood, potatoes, eggs & chili.....or as a rub on roast. chicken, or turkey. "A favorite in Hawaii since 1991" for Seared Ahi (Tuna) Sashimi. They have extra spicy versions too.
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Savory Spice.
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Penzeys is what you want.
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I've given and received Purpose Design sets several times. The flavors are out of this world. They're in Canada so if you order it might take a bit longer depending on where you live.
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Really love Kauai Spice Co. out of Kauai. Definition of small batch and a taste profile you don't find everywhere.
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Head Country Championship Seasoning. Made in a small town in Oklahoma.
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I love, love, love the Moroccan Twist Sauce Goddess spice rub.
Delicious, spicy, wonderful.

Their website seems to have a four-variety spice rub gift set.

Last year I took a chance on one of their round little tins on display at the meat department counter, and never regretted it. It lasted for a long time, but for heavy-duty grillers may not last as long.
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Oaktown Spice Shop has some very nice blends. Their BBQ Master's Gift Box might be suitable.
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