iPod Classic Woes
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I have a 160GB iPod Classic that's a few years old. Over the past few months it's needed to be charged more often. But three days ago, it would'nt charge at all.

A friend sent me to a repair place that put a new battery in for $50. I got it charged it all night and it started the day with the charge meter at full but within an hour it shut down. I took it back to the store and the guy said it was a defective battery, and he put in a new one. I charged it all night again and the same thing happened. There's a warranty so I can keep doing this, but I'm wondering if something else is wrong that needs to be fixed. Also, the iPod works perfect when it's hooked up to a power source. And I'm moving to a place with a longer subway commute so I'll need my iPod more than ever. Thanx in advance.
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Apple offers battery replacement service for $59 for iPod classic, though they also charge for shipping. If you have local places that'll do it for cheaper, do it.

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Response by poster: The battery's already been replaced twice, and it didn't work either time. The repair guy said he did diagnostics to determine that the battery was the problem. But what are the odds of two defective batteries in a row? There must be something else wrong.
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If you take or send it to Apple you are quite likely to get a factory refurb in exchange but you will get a tested, working unit.
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Response by poster: It's past warranty.
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