Community arts/activist/development orgs in Central Asia
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Which organizations working with arts, culture, activism, and/or social justice are based in Central Asia (especially Uzbekistan) and would take international volunteers?

I've been thinking about visiting Uzbekistan (and maybe the surrounds) for a spell, since I apparently have some ancestry there but know nothing about it. I really enjoy volunteering and community work, and was wondering if there were organizations or groups based there that I could work with - as a volunteer, artist in residence, anything.

I'd especially be interested in groups that worked with LGBTQ rights, gender/feminism, arts, and/or international relations, but I'm also really open to suggestion.
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Global Voices, a non-profit organization I report for, has a Central Asia team. The focus is on reporting, citizen media, digital rights, and human rights (reporting on them).

There are GV members / reporters located throughout the Central Asian republics, and it's a very plugged-in network internationally.

Either you can find a home with them, or they can point you in the right direction.

PM me if you want more information.
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Uzbekistan is a pretty scary place for NGOs and I would caution you to be very careful getting involved with any individual or group. Sorry to be a downer, but this is a country that is known for boiling dissidents alive.
That being said, I know of one person that works with LGBT groups in Kyrgyzstan, which more or less, is considered the safest of the Central Asian states, although an American colleague was held at gunpoint in the airport a few months ago which caused me some concern. But I can get in touch with the person who works with LGBT in KG if you want.
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Response by poster: k8t: I come from a country that arrests people for posting the flag upside down on their blog, so while I get the concern, I also understand the risks. Which is why I asked for community-based organizations too, like an arts center or something along those lines - it doesn't have to be overtly political.
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Probably all of them. Why do you to do it for free? Memail me and I will introduce you to a guy doing work there.
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