R is for Rocket, S is for Space
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Top space science influencers of today's pre-teens?

My YA non-fiction space science/STEM book comes out in October. Publisher-and-team have asked me to list space science heroes my book's audience will likely be familiar with/influenced by/identify with.

Specific individuals I have already named:
Chris Hadfield-astronaut
Elon Musk-industrialist
Neil DeGrasse Tyson-celebrity scientist
Mae Jemison-astronaut
Felix Baumgartner-Red Bull space jumper
Bodak Ferdowski-NASA
Alyssa Carson-13-year old future Mars walker (known more to young students, lesser to grown-ups)

Publisher suggested Matthew McConaughey but I am uncertain that Interstellar is having a great impact on 9-12 year olds. Sure, Earth To Echo but Interstellar?? Then again...

Hivemind, can you help me name others? Ex. YouTube personalities. Science-minded characters or TV in movies (ie Tony Stark; Big Bang Theory; Pacific Rim). Even TED Talk superstars or other rockstar educators! I work with young students every day and, publishing aside, input and recommendations will considerably benefit my day-to-day connecting with classrooms and students.
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Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The characters from the upcoming Star Wars movies.
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Bill Nye - Science Guy
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The Tweens I know all watch Steven Universe and their interest in space skyrocketed once that show started.
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British Physicist Brian Cox is probably very familiar to UK audiences, filling a celebrity scientist role over there. Obligatory: not to be confused with the Scottish film actor of the same name.
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Hank Green and SciShow (Youtube) -- There are more science youtubers linked from his page
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Came in to say Hank Green.
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Scott Manley?
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Abigail Harrison is my hero:


Her TED talk is very cool too.
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Carl Sagan.
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