F for Fake- scenes from other movies
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In F for Fake around 49 minutes (during the War of the Worlds segment) there's a scene with people gathered around a radio- is this from another film, and if so which one?
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Looks like a British shop to me, so quite likely something from a public service film about the home front. Possibly in this collection, for example. But there were also a lot of chin-up dramas this could have come from.
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Looks like Alfred Hitchcock leaning in on the left.
Maybe a production shot from one of his films...
The signs indicate prices with a ยข (see the one below Hitchcock's chin) so I'm thinking American, in the early/mid 1940's (he looks young-ish still).
(Don't think it's 'Shadow of a Doubt', though)
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Dunno about F is for Fake but once I attended a science fiction-double feature of War of the Worlds (1953) with When Worlds Collide (1951) and was surprised to notice an identical scene of people sitting around the radio listening, in both films. Maybe this photo's from that scene.
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