Looking for a particular type of robe...
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Hey hivemind. I saw this video, which starts with a Japanese woman wearing a rather particular type of robe, while at a kotatsu. It's somewhat reminiscent of a kimono, but big, comfy, padded cotton? Sort of like a wearable comforter. Anyone know what these are called / where I might find them? ... or, if necessary, a pattern for them?
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I don't know what they call them in Japan, but down robes are a thing, apparently.
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Best answer: I think the coat is a (wataire) hanten, meaning (quilted) short housecoat.

Rakuten has some, but you'll want to search a bit more.
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You'll trip over some happi coats as well, but those are much lighter.
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Response by poster: Well, that's more info than I had! Still, it's very hard finding something quite like this. Will have to look around a lot more, I suspect...
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Japanese sizes run small, a size large there would be considered a medium in the states, perhaps.
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Try rakuten or aliexpress.
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Jlist/ Jbox also has hanten, but check the sizes.
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