GRR Stupid Samsung monitor!!! Why can't I turn it on?!? Help please!
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I have a Samsung SyncMaster B2430 flat screen monitor. I use it as an external monitor with an ASUS laptop. Right now I am not using it because I CAN'T TURN IT ON.

And it's very frustrating. I had this problem briefly before, unplugged and replugged it several times and it resolved. Right now, nothing works. This problem is all over the internet with no clear answers or solutions. Many of the attempted solutions found online involve an ON button, and my monitor does not have one. Seriously. I have searched the entire thing multiple times.
I'm frustrated. Tell me how to turn this stupid thing on! Thanks.
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My newish Samsung monitor doesn't have actual buttons. There are some icons / labels on the bottom right of the screen bezel, and the monitor functions are controlled by just touching them. There's nothing to 'press'.
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The images of this monitor that I can find show a little power symbol underneath the Samsung logo, which according to the manual is the power button. Does yours have that? If not, can you post a photo of the front and the back of the monitor?
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Sometimes these oh-so-clever contact switches get thrown by static electricity and bad grounding. You're not on a shag carpet petting a bunny while doing this are you? You might check the grounding to a proper 3-prong outlet and see if that improves things. 2-prong laptop bricks have a marvelous habit of odd grounding behavior.
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I have a different model by my samsung syncmaster the "buttons" are bottom right, just swipe your finger across the area until it lights up
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I have a very similar samsung monitor(cool story, i got it for free because it needed its firmware reflashed because these buttons weren't working properly). Not only does it have stupid touch buttons, but even after i got it working again they work like shit. i usually have to press both the power and input buttons like 5+ times to get them to do anything. It makes me angry every time i have to touch it.

So yea, you just tap the area marked with the power icon... but then you tap the areas around the power icon, repeatedly, until you get angry, and then you realize it DID turn on one of the times but there's a delay and you just turned it off again.

i would have returned this monitor if i paid money for it, unless that money was like, $15 at a thrift store. the "buttons" are THE WORST. And the stand is the cheapest hunk of junk in the universe. Why does everything samsung makes feel like a cheap knockoff of itself?
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