Finding a B&B near NYC
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In about a month, I would like to take myself and my SO to a B&B or similar type location. The town needs to be accessible via train from NYC (Metro North or NJT) and having a place to hike around would be great. This is only for a single night on a weekend.

My first choice was the Pig Hill Inn, but they only do two nights on weekends, and we only have a Saturday night. But anything like that one would be great. If needed, I could rent a car, but without insurance it would vastly increase the cost of this trip.

I'm open to going somewhere in CT or NJ, but I'm mostly thinking along the Hudson.
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Best answer: You may have a hard time finding a B&B that only does one night on the weekends. Few years back I was looking for something in the similar area for my wife and I and everything was 2 night weekends.
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Best answer: Beacon, NY is a great little walkable town on the Metro-North with nearby hiking and lots of cute shops/restaurants. The difficulty will be a single-night reservation. Some B&Bs open up single nights on a last-minute basis. You could also try an AirB&B. Or, call around and see if they have some event booked that leaves them with open rooms for just Saturday night (e.g., a Friday or Sunday night wedding, or a convention that leaves town Saturday morning).
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Came here to say Beacon and the two night minimum thing.
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Beacon also has the Dia: Beacon, which is a great museum and worth a day trip just for that alone.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. We managed to schedule things to leave on a Friday, so we'll have two nights in a B&B in Beacon.
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