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This feels unbelievably trivial, but its ungoogleable nature is driving me crazy. What is the origin of the meme-ish thing where there are four or five characters grouped together with ampersands? The one I see most often involves the Game of Thrones direwolves, but I don't think it originated there. I feel like it's making reference to something I don't understand, and I should understand all the references. Help me out?
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I think it might be The Beatles 'John&Paul&George&Ringo'
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Best answer: Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)?

ETA: Plot summary.
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Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice?
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Thanks for asking this! I have been wondering for years. The first one I saw was a list of the Seven Summits.
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The t-shirt version with one name per line is definitely derived from the Experimental Jetset shirt eschatfische linked above.
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure that the Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice movie was the seed, at least (it set up the "thing & thing & thing & thing" phrasing, anyway), and the "Design Memes" link above may have set the typeface and started the ball rolling.
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When Mad Magazine did its satire of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, one of the things they did was produce a really, REALLY long list of "name & name &..." that extended across the margin for several pages. It ended "& everyone in the world & Alfred".
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When Mad Magazine did its satire of Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice

Do you mean this? NSFW.
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That's the one!
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Response by poster: Wow! Not only does that answer my question, but it was chock full of interesting information. You're all honorary librarians.
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Definitely Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

The Beatles are never John&Paul&Ringo&George -- instead, it's always John, Paul, George and Ringo.
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Rash - that's explained in the first link. george was long, so they added ampersands to the rest and put him at the end.
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