Where do women (like me) buy clothes online?
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I have a problem buying clothes online. I'm in an in-between point in my fashion life: I'm not dressing like an undergraduate, but I haven't reached the LL Bean stage in my life either, and I don't have an office job that requires wearing business casual. Where do you all shop online?

I'm the type of person who still shops in the Juniors section when I go to a department store, but selects items that aren't too obviously trendy. No chokers and chunky shoes for me this summer, for example -- but I do like a nice casual dress in an interesting pattern. My style tends towards dark and geometric, but it varies day by day. I've got more girly floral stuff too. I almost never wear "athletic" clothing.

Sometimes H&M has things, but their quality is very variable and their fits unpredictable.

By affordable, I mean the type of places that has decent dresses under $100, shirts and skirts a little less expensive than that...

Any suggestions? I'm on the small side, so at least I'm not restricted there, but I do appreciate a brand/store that fits curvier shapes better (i.e. expecting more boobs and hips than junior sizes often do).
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I like Uniqlo. Some dresses, some shirts, some skirts.
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I like Topshop. I'm petite and curvy and find their clothes interesting and well cut. I've purchased jackets and pants and have not had to tailor them, which is huge.
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I wear a ton of Land's End dresses.
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I buy almost everything I wear from either Uniqlo or used from ThredUp. ThredUp is a particularly great way to try new stuff for cheap, and I found it invaluable when I was trying to change my style after undergrad - it's like Goodwill but everything is in really good shape. They even have easy returns now! As long as you know or can find out what size you wear in your favorite brands, it's fantastic.
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madewell is a little on the expensive side, but they have sales often. also check out j.crew factory, it's the cheaper outlet version.
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Seconding ASOS (ASOS sales!). I also like Mango (also the sale section, mostly). I've had friends recommend River Island and Joe Fresh but I've never purchased anything from them myself.

YesStyle may work for you -- I used to really like it but I've had bad luck there lately in terms of fit (I've gained some weight though) but I've had no complaints about the quality of things. There is a lot of stuff to wade through, though.
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Everlane has great basics with cuts that aren't too LL Bean/Talbots-y. I think LOFT often has nice prints in their blouses and dresses, so I shop there a lot, too. Always wait for at least 40% off at LOFT, if not 50%. They have crazy sales.
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Hitting sales and coupons, you can get at or below your $100 mark. Very good quality IMO.
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Zara, ASOS, Topshop (less often), Old Navy (selectively), Uniqlo, LOFT, Boden
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I heartily agree about Old Navy (selectively), especially if you don't have a perfect, fit trim little body. I am a size 6 but with curvy thighs/hips, and I have much better luck at Old Navy than, say, Gap (I have no idea WHO the clothes at Gap are built for, but women much more streamlined and athletic than me, I assume). They have great dresses, shorts, and sometimes blouses (I have had little luck with their t-shirts/sweaters/jeans/skirts).
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Modcloth and eShakti.
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Nthing Loft; I especially like their Lou & Grey line, which is casual and loungey but not too loungey. Loft has online sales really frequently.

I actually really like Talbots; they do skew older and more professional, but they have a lot of great timeless pieces that can easily be incorporated into a younger, more casual wardrobe. Everything I've found there has been fantastic quality. They start out expensive but periodically have killer sales.

I've also had good luck with the sale sections of Anthropologie (for the quirky girly stuff) and Lululemon (they have "to and from" pieces that aren't at all activewear-ish, and I've been consistently satisfied with their quality).

Lands End is hit-and-miss for me; some of their stuff is good, a lot of it makes me look matronly. I check Boden every so often, but haven't had any luck finding anything I like on sale.
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Mango, although there is a lot of obnoxiously trendy stuff to sift through. i have gotten legit timeless classics from there, though.
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I think Zara does great, affordable business casual. LOFT is good if you like jersey and lots of prints. Madewell is a bit more expensive, but I have several Madewell dresses that I bought for $20 or less on eBay (I find they run a size large, so I'm a 2 in real life, but a 0 in Madewell because vanity sizing is the worse and gross).
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Nthing Modcloth and Eshakti. Especially Eshakti if you're an odd size. All of their stuff you can get customized to your exact measurements.

Also agreeing with the Talbots & Lands End suggestion, and even places like Christopher Banks and Chicos. A t-shirt is a t-shirt is a t-shirt, and all of these places have ones that come in flattering cuts. Chicos had the holy grail of a white t-shirt that my bra doesn't show through. A lot of these places wouldn't seem 'old' if you weren't seeing them in the store displayed a certain way.

I'm also a fan of Old Navy, but I wouldn't buy online. It's just too hard to tell when you're getting a decent basic that will wear well, or flimsy crap.
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I actually really like Talbots; they do skew older and more professional, but they have a lot of great timeless pieces that can easily be incorporated into a younger, more casual wardrobe. Everything I've found there has been fantastic quality. They start out expensive but periodically have killer sales.

I have tons of Talbots. I'd suggest looking at individual pieces with an open mind, disregarding catalog styling. The web site is good for doing that, but the catalogs are a better way to judge colors, because of the photographs. They do have killer sales, and during your birthday month you get 15 percent off for one full day. (For their charge customers only, but 15 percent is 15 percent.) Get on their email list to find out about sales. Talbots has sucked up and finally added customer reviews to their site, which helps a lot. I was going to get a particular sale! plus birthday month! suit for a job interview next week, but I decided against it based on reviews.

Lands End used to be a staple for me, but the way the sizes actually fit are all over the map these days. In the last few years, I've returned more than I kept for that reason. Talbots can be like this as well, as you'll see in the reviews. All companies, really, since garments are made in so many places now. Also take a look at Macy's Charter Club brand.
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Seconding Madewell. Prices are higher than say, Old Navy, but the quality is good and it's casual with a little fun and edge. I'm a 30-something academic on leave, and I have a toddler. I've been dong a simple shirt from Madewell with good fitting jeans and either wedges or sandals and a cool pendant necklace as my new "I'm writing at a coffee shop about super important stuff and things" uniform.
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Consignment shops, such as Buffalo Exchange and Greene Street, are cool because you can get unique articles of clothing at affordable prices.

I also like Marshall's- some nice things and good deals.

New York and CO. has kind of bland stuff IMO but they seem to do a pretty good job of clothing for curves (based on my curves and the items I own).
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Anthropologie (on sale, as full price can be crazy expensive)
Nordstrom (a bit overwhelming but amazing return policy and plenty of good sales)
Everlane (online only, you may like their minimalist/ethical philosophy. I personally own multiples of their silk round-collar blouse and wear them with EVERYTHING.)
Urban Outfitters (skews younger/college-y though)

Personally I am not a big fan of the Uniqlo online shopping experience, but it will do in a pinch if you don't have a brick-and-mortar store near you.
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