Summer Sandal Shopping
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I'm looking for a certain kind of sandals for summer and am coming up barefoot.

What I'm looking for: Medium dressy dark brown leather sandals (nothing too Birkenstocky or flip-floppy) with arch support and a 1"-2.5" heel, for less than $200, that are available for purchase in Toronto or will ship there.

Where I've looked for these sandals:,, the online sites for Aldo, SoftMoc, The Bay, and every store in the Eaton Centre. I've gone so far as to order a couple of pairs from ShoeMe but returned them both because one pair hurt my feet and the other pair had chips on its vinyl sole that I thought indicated poor quality and a poor likelihood of them looking good for long.

What can you suggest, Super Shoppers of MeFi?
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You have to try things on if you have funny feet, online shopping will just be a hassle. I'd go to Walking On A Cloud and Gravity Pope.
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I've always had excellent luck with Hush Puppies.
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Seconding Walking on a Cloud.
I'm super hard on sandals, and have never had a bad pair from them.
(A little more $$, but worth it!)
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nthing Danskos. Born also makes very comfortable, well-made sandals.
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I love my Vionic sandals and shoes. They have a Canadian site but I'd also check zappos and amazon to see who carries them. They definitely have sandals with wedge heels and the orthotic footbed. I live in my Tide flip-flops (and have a new color arriving today!) and even though it's not the style you're looking for I can say that even those are very durable.
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I'm a convert to Ecco. They run wide (which is good for me) and some of them have a decent wedge heel. One example.
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Did you try Naturalizer? The quality isn't what it used to be and neither is the fit (at least for me), but the company is pretty good about having a range of sizes and colours.
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Clarks! Comfiest shoes and good quality.
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Seconding hush puppies. Good quality comfy shoes, and I have had really good luck with ordering them online, their sizes seem to adhere well to sizing standards.

There are also a number of good shoe shops along the south side of queen st, from Heel boy at Queen & Euclid, to B2 and a few others around Queen & John. Makes for a very pleasant walk.
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