iOS and Gmail are not getting along...
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I have a gmail account, which I love, but on my iPhone it's seriously misbehaving. read emails are getting marked as unread again, unrelated emails are grouped... hjalp?

imagine this: you open an gmail in the iOS email client, you decide to go back to your inbox (or archive it, no difference) and after a second the email is there again, marked unread, as if all that hadn't happened a mere few seconds ago. do nothing and the email stays unread. how do you stop this? how do you get it once again to the usual behavior of "tap once, email read?" (most of what I found on this topic covers the gmail app, which I do not wish to use.)

I also recently noticed that emails from different senders are grouped if the subject line is the same. I got one today with the subject "yes" and gmail grouped it with a conversation three years old from a different person. is there a setting I am missing?
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Outlook for iOS is the best gmail client for iOS. I'm not joking. It doesn't do goofy stuff like you're experiencing with the Mail app and it's not slow and useless offline like the official Gmail app.
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I haven't run into the problem you're describing before, but sometimes bugs in Mail accounts can be fixed by removing the account in Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars and re-adding it. The bonus is you'll free up space because it'll remove the cache, which gets bulky over time.
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Honestly I stopped using the iPhone mail app and use the Gmail app for iOS. So much better.
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Gmail in the iOS client is notoriously unreliable, and there's little incentive for Apple or Google to fix it. You might want to try a different client.
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Unless you want your dick-pics in the NSA archives, I suggest you do not use Outlook.

It stores user credentials in the cloud.
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I don't know about your second problem, but the first one happens to me too. I think it's a result of opening the message before it has fully downloaded from the server. So, um... try waiting!

I mean, when you're looking at your Inbox, make sure that all your new emails are displaying both the subject line and a preview of the message body — usually the app displays all the new emails' subject lines first, then goes back and gets the bodies. Then it goes "ping!". Then you're good to go. It works for me, anyway. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Unless you want your dick-pics in the NSA archives, I suggest you do not use Outlook.
I live in China. what the NSA does pales in comparison.
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