What Bug Is This? Fuzzy Cocoon, Florida Edition, No Wilfred Brimley.
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The exterior of our house has been overrun by these furry little cocoons. I need help identifying the little rascals and also advice on how to KEEL them and keep them from coming back.

Our home (Tampa Bay Area, Zone 9) has been inundated by these little cocoons.
They appear on the side of the house, the screen on our pool area, and little nooks and crannies around the house (eaves, soffits).
The vast majority seem to be empty; whatever is inside them has already climbed out and ran away.
I've taken a stiff broom and swept away all the empty cocoons, but they must leave some sort of invisible signal to their brothers, as within 48 to 72 hours, there are more there, and they have something living inside them.
I've taken several photos of the furry little dears, and even opened one up, to find some sort of worm larvae inside. Maybe a caterpillar?

Here is an album of the photos.

What are these creatures?
As I mentioned, we'd love to be able to sweep them all away, and spray something that would keep them away, but this might be a fools errand.
Recommendations welcomed on how to control and maybe even do away with permanently, these little dudes.

Thank you for your help!
I truly appreciate it!
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Best answer: The thing in your hand is a pupa. The Spotted oleander caterpillar moth seems to be quite common where you are (see here) although there's a lot of things they might be.

There's certainly nothing in there that's climbing out and running away; whatever it is will have developed wings and flown off.
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Response by poster: Thank you Pipeski!
I think you are right on the money.
I am pretty sure that the neighbors have an oleander bush in their backyard, and 90% of these little cocoons are in our back yard. I really couldn't find any sort of extermination or repellant hints anywhere, so I may have to just put up with nature and do a once a week sweep of their empty sarcophagus.
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