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After years of use, my wonderful Logitech laptop speaker has finally broken; one of the two speakers is making a loud fuzzing noise. I'd like to find a replacement, and welcome your suggestions!

I immediately tried to buy the same one, but discovered that it's been discontinued, and any available ones are being sold for astronomically high prices. Here's what I like about this speaker:

- good (not stellar, but very good) sound quality that raises the volume significantly beyond the built-in laptop speakers
- single easy-to-plug-and-unplug USB cable (that even tucks neatly away into a little groove in the speaker for when I'm traveling!)
- clips on to the top of the laptop securely enough (not tightly, but using gravity to sit nicely on there) that it doesn't fall off
- cheap! I can't remember when/where I originally bought it, but it definitely was enough of a bargain that I was psyched about it

So! If you have personal experience with a laptop speaker/soundbar that sounds great and doesn't cost a fortune, please let me know.
Yours in Christ, Gregory
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Oh oh! i just went through this ringer. My partners dads favorite thing was one of these, which i gave him several years ago when he complained that the speakers on his laptop sucked. It died similarly, and then after some fiddling on my unwilling to not try and repair things stubborn as part, the cable died as well.

I tried several different things. this one was shockingly great. like, it sounded almost as good as my originally $200 jawbone jambox... but it's built in a way that would get mcdonalds sued if it was a happy meal toy. Falls apart depressingly fast, and made out of the worst materials. Rite aid and i think walgreens sell(or sold) them, and they were only like $15-19. I actually had another friend, later, come to me looking for a replacement for one of those GE soundbars.

This exists, but it charges with USB and only accepts 3.5mm audio, and comes with a stupid annoying short cable of the absolute worst squish the cable near the connector a couple times and it falls apart variety.

Everything else i looked at either required two cables and was crap, was so crappily made i got a DOA or defective one, or just generally sucked.

If you have an AT&T store near you they're clearing out the original jambox from ~5 years ago or so for $30 right now. They also have the "mini" one for $49, i think. It's wireless, or can be plugged in. Charges with usb. I've pretty much given up on what now exists of these stupid things. There don't seem to be any quality ones anymore, the entire market is focused on bluetooth speakers. Maybe it's because everyone is buying macbook airs/ultrabooks and tablets and no one really wants to strap a speaker to a tablet?

On preview, this exists, but i can't vouch for it. Honestly i'd get the cheapest ipad model if you _must_ have something like that, and swap the 3.5mm cord for a not crap one.

I'd rather have a jambox for half the price than one of those though.
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I just went through this a few weeks back when a laptop speaker blew. I had only been using my laptop for all things sound so was used to compromised quality and volume, which might make me easily impressed. That said, dropping $25 on this GoGroove Clip-On USB Speaker was one of my better purchases.
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