Using Construct 2 to quickly load HTML5 app on an iPad
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We're coding in Construct 2 which exports HTML5 in a number of ways. but we don't want an iOS app.

We want to pre-load an HTML5 application onto an iPad. We could export as an iPad app, but it's a pain to load on an iPad (right??).

Is there a way to export as HTML5 and store on an iPad in a way a web browser can load? Like as a directory?
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You might need to describe why it might be a pain to load an app onto an iPad - there's a variety of ways to do this (you don't even have to have it on the app store, in some instances) that might work for you and aren't much of a pain.
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Response by poster: Thank you.

My impression is that we need a ios developer account and the specific provisioning code for each device. We don't plan to release to the marketplace a this time. Are there other, simpler ways to sideload?
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Are you looking for offline functionality?

HTML5 includes a variety of functions that aim to allow for offline app functionality. I've only used a small piece of these and can't vouch for how successful you'll be, but check out this page for some good links. 'Application cache' is I believe the function you'll need to save your app locally.

Once it's set up you should be able to browse to your site in Safari on iPad then use the 'Add to homescreen' function to make it appear as an app on the phone. I believe you'd then need to load the app once via the icon and it will save what you need locally. That is, if all this HTML5 wizardry works as planned!

If offline functionality isn't important than the 'Add to homescreen' function may do what you need without any futzing in your code to get it to look and act as you expect (note: it may require futzing).
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