Friendly Karaoke in DC
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My friend wants to do karaoke but is nervous. Is there a bar in DC that would be likely to provide a friendly, supportive environment for this? Difficulty level: Saturday night.

My friend who has a good singing voice but is really nervous about singing in public wants to try doing karaoke for the first time this weekend. I told her I'd try to find a place where the scene was casual and supportive enough that she could get over her nervousness and sing (with the help of some alcohol of course). But I've never done karaoke in DC so I have no idea where to start!

What I'm looking for:

- Metro-accessible
- Bar with karaoke, not a private karaoke room
- Has karaoke on Saturday night
- High likelihood of getting on the roster (ie, not a 3-hour wait)
- Not entirely filled with undergrads and interns (we're in our mid-thirties)

I think the ideal situation for us would be in some small divey bar that has karaoke, but I know a lot of those places don't necessarily have karaoke on weekend nights, so I'm open to all suggestions!

I've seen this post, but it's 4 years old and not terribly promising.
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Recessions is your joint, except karaoke is on Fridays.
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Also, Kostume Karaoke is really fun, although it's only on Wednesdays at either Solly's or Little Miss Whiskeys. The crowd for that is super-supportive, and putting on costumes can help with the nervousness.
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