Best way to send money to Egypt?
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One of the contributors to a magazine I edit lives in Egypt. We usually use PayPal or mail paper checks, but neither of those is an option in this case. What's the most reliable way to send money (to Egypt specifically) from the US?

Our priority is to make things as easy as possible for our contributor, but we would also like to avoid enormous fees. The amount we're sending is relatively small -- less than $200 US.
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It works for the scammers, why not Western Union? I never used them, but they've been around for ages und the service itself is supposed to be reliable....
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Best answer: Western union or bank wire transfer.
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Last year I sent money to Costa Rica and the Philippines via Western Union. I sent approximately the same amount that you are sending and the fees were in the $5-$15 range. I'm sure there are cheaper ways but for a one off transfer it was dead simple for sender and recipients.
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