Honeymoon in Barcelona
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Barcelona: some ideas for a five day honeymoon over Christmas! Help!

Two dear fiends of mine have decided to get married. They each have children from other relationships so they will only allow themselves 5 days for a honeymoon, in order not to interfere with family obligations.
Problem is my wonderful moments in la Barca are 13 years ago!! I remember the fantastic experience in "El Cangrejo" (Anyone remember where that is??), the Edith Piaf Bar, all off the Rambla. They have five days from 25th December, where else can they go?
These guys have been through so much and are so committed to their kids, this will be a once-off. Help me to make it special, please!
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If they have time to take a day trip or two, I would recommend Montserrat, a nearby mountain that is home to a Benedictine abbey, which is very cool. Sitges, a great little beach town to the south that is fun even in winter, is another good day trip. An overnight trip to the Costa Brava to the north would also be a beautiful excursion (this thread might be useful). I hope they have a great time.
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Response by poster: Thank You Staggering Jack, that's a great start!
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I really loved just wandering around the Gothic Quarter, checking out the restaurants and bars and tapas places there. Lots of narrow streets, great architecture, and good food. Very romantic.

The Time Out Barcelona guidebook was pretty reliable for specific suggestions.
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Two dear fiends of mine...

Ordinarily, I'd recommend a tour of Gaudí monuments, even to those uninterested in architecture, but the clergy at the Sagrada Familia might not appreciate their presence....
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Having recently returned from Barcelona, I would say La Sagrada Familia is a must see. For an out of the way restaurant check out 4 gats which dates back to the 1800's and was a favorite of Picasso who at one time designed a menu for the restaurant.
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Best answer: Le Cool Guide

The markets are amazing. Barri Gotic is mesmerizing day and night. The Picasso (early works) museum is interesting. I really enjoyed the Miro Museum. Gracia, is a great neighborhood to wander around in and for dining. Guadi's houses/buildings are great, too. Parc Guell! Must. See. Parc Guell!

Had a good time hiking to the top of Montserrat, but probably not for everyone.

Go see the Castellers!
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El Raval is interesting if a little rough around the edges. Les Meubles Navarro is/was a great bar on the edge of El Raval.

Oh, and there is a modern art museum in the Raval that is pretty good. I also really liked the Antoni Tapies museum.

Damn, I never realized how many museums I went to while I was there. I also spent an innordinate amount of time just wandering from neighborhood to neighborhood. Good times!
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Asked before here and here...
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I would recommend taking the couple hour drive to Girona. We were there a few months ago, and it is a really neat town. The "Call" which is the old Jewish quarter has some cool museums and heaps of cobblestone atmosphere.
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Hey we honeymooned in Barcelona just after Christmas!

I second almost everything mentioned already: anything Gaudi (especially Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell), the Picasso museum, Montserrat. We also took a 2 day trip down to Valencia which was nice, but they may not have enough time for that.
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