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I really like the thought behind the Want This, Get This articles on Gear Patrol, however I don't actually want a lot of that stuff in the first place. Are there any other websites that have these sorts of comparisons for a wider variety of objects?
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It's not quite the same side-by-side comparison of two things, but The Wirecutter and Sweethome pitch similarly unambiguious conclusions; e.g. the best TV, the best grater, etc.
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Remodelista has a section called "High/Low." Their aesthetic is kind of narrow for the most part, but if you like the stuff, it is a nice resource for more…modestly priced receptacles.

I'm pretty sure the phrase "high/low" is a bit more common than "want this, get this," you might want to try searching for that phrase in terms of items that you're looking for?
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